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apologies never fixed anyone's torn asshole.
let me see your fuckin' jazz hands.
20th-Aug-2020 10:44 pm - BOSS' ANNOUNCEMENT!
sailor rori

My journal is to 75 % private. 25 % - containing of Fanfics, Lolita-related posts and other (random) blah - are open.

if you want to add me, please check the following things:
1. if you know me personally, please comment who you are.
2. if you found me because we share the same interests, please make sure that i can see this, either.
3. if you just have a question (such as about a lolita-meet-up in bavaria) please PM me. it's not necessary to add me because of something like that :D
4. if you wanna complain about something, go here
5. spammers are gonna die.

(banner from selina18)
14th-Jun-2012 12:54 pm - It's nice to be alive
sailor rori
my my. I really abandoned my LJ... so sorry! Lately, I've been cheating on my journal with wordpress... I started a blog about fashion and a lot more (food!), but you can check it out here.

cardigan: h&m, dress: offbrand, belt: forever21, boots: ann christine, bag: promod, necklace: new yorker

well my life is still the same... i decided to go back to school in september (sort of like high school), but apart from that, nothing really happened.

just wanted to say 'hi everyone! i'm still alive!'
I hope everyone's fine and i'm sorry for not looking at my flist!

18th-Mar-2012 01:23 pm - happy girls are the prettiest.
oh audrey hepburn was a godess.
lately, i've seen way too many normal girls talking about dieting & stuff. now, this is normal, especially when you're still a teenager like i am, but it just makes me sick when i hear people talking 'being fat is unhealthy' when actually normal weight is being considered as 'fat'. that's how far it went with society. when i think of people like sophia loren - she wasn't all skinny, she was curvy and how curvy she was!! - they seem way healthier to me than those skinny girls modeling for seventeen, popteen or H&M.


read this article. it explains everything i said til now.

it just breaks my heart to see girls who want to diet because they want to look like models or fit into clothes that later look like s*** on them. it's not fair how girls are being treated nowadays, can't you just wear what you want and look how you want to look? i refuse to look like a 90-60-90 stereotype!

and i'm not ashamed to admit that right now, my weight is about 85 kilos. i often get told i don't look like i weigh that much, but it's true. the reason is probably because i finally admitted to myself that i'll NEVER be as skinny as all the girls i found pretty, so i can make the best of my situation. i wouldn't describe myself as pretty, but i wouldn't say i'm completely ugly either. i'd say i'm a normal girl, with a sometimes extravagant taste of clothing.

this is how i look right now (ok my hair's a bit darker now because i dyed it last week)

you know what's best about my situation now? i feel happy. Of course, i'm sometimes sad that i don't fit into the pretty dresses at abercrombie (honestly: who does?), mango, etc. but it's not like i can't wear anything. i can even wear short dresses, you just have to know the tricks.
i've never been more free of stress and more full of happiness as i'm right now.

okay i quit my job + school but more on that in another post.
26th-Aug-2011 07:40 pm - kis-my-collage!!
as i mentioned yesterday, i was in crafting mode and made a collage of kisumai pics x3~ it turned out to be quite nice :)
Read more...Collapse )
oh and i dyed my hair yesterday! it a bit darker now, chocolate brown, and has a red shimmer in the sunlight. LOVE IT <3 (darker hair! finally!)

i'm off to finish watching ashita no joe now x3

xoxo faye

23rd-Aug-2011 02:11 am - super driiiiive
blair waldorf
mkay, it's like 1:32 am now and i'm bored because a) my room is so hot that i can't sleep and b) everyone has already gone to bed, so i had to busy myself and made some icons bases~

credits:  - fashion icons: delyle.jp, gilfy.jp, minirdees.jp, galfashion.tumblr, wcclothing, tokyotelephone, jmagazinescans
               - kisumai icons: shatteredtenshi, tumblr, my own caps

criticism etc is always welcome!

24 fashion icons, 44 kisumai iconsCollapse )

on sunday, i went to pyon_chan_desu's to visit her x3 i missed her SOOOOOOO MUCH and she even brought a kisumai clearfile and some rilakkuma & mamegoma stuff for me <3<3<3<3<3 thanks soooooo much dearie <3

it was so nice to be together again!
and she persuaded me to watch the run for pv + making and now i even like it LOL

lately, i even got a bit of a tan! well i spent like every day at a lake but i actually avoid the sun and try not to get too tanned LOL
but it looks quite okay! just my back is... bad, i got a super-bad sunburn XO

that's it, i guess. gotta go to the library tomorrow and then chrissy and i are dyeing each other's hair - CHOCOLATE BROWN! wohooo.

24th-Jul-2011 03:16 pm - shit just got serious
sailor rori

owww so much happening lately. /short attention span

- kisumai kick it off
- massu will wear tuxedos very often
- japanese doramas continue to brainwash me into a happy fangirl

but most important (to me LOL): I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!!!

 Barney Stinson Price Is Right Pictures, Images and Photos


we got our certificates on friday; the prom was yesterday - it was AWESOME


picturesCollapse )

about kisumai... well i LOVE LOVE LOVE the pv and it would've been awesome if they hadn't seperated Ki-ft from the others, but i guess i said this a lot already? XD anyways, i just can't stop watching it
and the perfs on mste and ongaku no hi AFGHJKILJKLÖDK
where i have to say that i found the ongaku no hi perf better
and the talk was so cute <3<3<3

oh and the tv guide+ scans <3<3<3 sooo cute! that balloon-thingy is so nice! scans of ikemen desu ne were also nice.
btw, i'm not that huge fan of hika but he does look really good with this new hair... like... idk but totally awesome XD

but srsly when i read that massu is gonna play tuxedo mask i was like LOL WTF
but now i think he quite suits the role
i'm so excited to see cute little gyoza-eating massu fight <3~~~~ (which reminds that i still have 2 eps of soukon missing /FAIL)

uhm honestly ikemen desu ne is really nice and funny but not that good.... but somehow it keeps transofrming into an all-happy and funny fangirl and i just can't stop laughing at grumpy tama-chan LOLOL

i'm also gonna watch IS now~ i'm sooo excited to see saki in a new dorama x3

keep on rockin guys


1st-May-2011 05:46 pm - Afterdark
sailor rori

Title: Afterdark
Author: Faye
Pairing: Nisen
Rating: PG-15
Words: 1,901
Pages: 4
Disclaimer: I did research about how homeless people ‘survive’ (= protect themselves from cold, get food etc) to make it authentic, but I don’t take any responsibility for what I found. Also, I don’t own the boys written about. Title: Murakami Haruki’s novel.
Summary: Nika misses the last train home and sleeps in the park with his friends (crows and straycats) where he meets Senga, a homeless boy.
Soundtrack: She’s leaving home – The Beatles, Homecoming – Kanye West
Dedication: to Papa Schlumpf.
This is actually part of my English homework I had to finish over the holidays.


sleeping in the parkCollapse )

xoxo faye

26th-Feb-2011 07:42 pm - oneshot
sailor rori

Title: Push the button
Author: Faye
Pairing: Ryohkura
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Smut, two guys making out in an elevator, the ‘usual’
Summary: Ryo & Ohkura aare trapped in an elevator.
Dedication: to kiki_chan94 , I miss our genius chats
Words: 920
Pages: 2
- I had some time since I got my wisdom teeth extracted on Tuesday and this is what happened. (A LOT of painkillers + boredom =this fic and probably some others I wrote during this time)


this wayCollapse )


- yeah, ahm… I guess I’ve watched too much HIMYM lol XD

24th-Jan-2011 06:50 pm - mother goose
sailor rori

a picture i found today.
it was taken in the summer and i think it was the first wearing the mother goose jsk...? still not sure but whatever, i don't have any good photos of it yet! XO if i had the time, i'd go out and take photos!
but school is like a hungry massu monster you can't satisfy!!! i can't til july when the whole shit is OVERRRRRRR

 (JSK: Baby, the stars shine bright; Blouse: offbrand; Headbow: H&M; Jewelry: Paris Kid's & some small shop in 109; Shoes: offbrand)

since i have been in contact to only a few people lately, i hope everyone is doing well!

14th-Jan-2011 05:27 pm - YOU MAKE ME WANNA DIE
sailor rori


sorry, it's just that i'm totally asdfghjklg right now because of jin's release XD
in the end, everything worked out <3

aaanyways (i can't concentrate and articulate myself atm, sorry XD) i'm gonna order it with nina together and i can't wait till i can hold it in my hands <3 (LOL still 1 1/2 months to go HAHA).
the shows in saitama must've been really awesome <3 it just sucks that there might not be any concerts when i'm in japan this summer XO (srsly, every single one of my favorite artists - johnny or not - is touring before july XO).
well, at least i can even go there LOL (i guess i'll go from 24th july to 13th september or so... still not sure because i need to talk that out with my parents)

i know a lot of people said that he's not gonna make it, but i still think he's gonna be successful <3

(guys, be happy that i'm a peaceful & happy puppy right now XD because i was actually in a REALLY bad mood LOL)

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